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Photography Accessories

It all starts with an appointment on our Scheduling Page! We guarantee next-day delivery for photography services and 72 hour delivery on everything else. We typically charge based on the list price of the property and provide unlimited photo packages. All photos include high end editing for FREE! Window replacement, sky replacement, lawn enhancement among other high-quality steps. We have an extensive pre-photoshoot checklist to ensure your photos turn out perfect every time! Our favorite means of sharing photos is through a zipped folder sent by email/google drive link. We don't charge you until we deliver our professional photos and allow a 30 day payment period. We always recommend you pair your photoshoot with a professional video, aerials, staging, or floor plan to give the viewer the most appealing and realistic angles of your home. Any Questions? Feel free to contact us at or at (760)-285-3227 anytime! We want your home to sell and FAST!

BOOKING: How To And Expectations

  • All media needs will be delivered the day after the shoot guaranteed!

  • Currently accepting same day appointments by phone call!

  • Use our scheduling page or give us a call for Booking!

  • Available 9am-6pm Mon-Sat

  • First come, first serve!

  • Upon booking, you will be emailed our "Pre-Photoshoot" checklist, this ensures the best quality photography everytime.

  • Please ensure checklist is complete prior to photographer arrival!

  • Pre-Shoot checklist will be the same for all creative needs

  • No up charge currently for twilight photo shoots, so snag them up while you can! Otherwise, our Virtual Sunset is always an option!

  • You will be sent a google drive link for all media purchases, a zip folder for photos with MLS ideal formatting, and live link to your virual tour!

  • Payments: Upon booking, you will have the option for immediate payment or manual payment. If you would like 30 day payment invoice, please select MANUAL payment. We accept cash, debit/credit card, check, or direct transfer.

  • If we slot you in for a shoot and are unable to complete the shoot due to doors being locked, house being unprepared, or being given the incorrect address, you will have the option for a 50% refund or to reschedule the appointment with a 20$ service fee. The photographer will call you upon arrival if there are any issues.

  • If the weather does not permit we can reschedule your appointment free of charge due to extreme weather conditions! Under non-extreme conditions, we will still take the photos and will edit the sky to appear as if it were a sunny day!

  • Please call us with any sudden problems, concerns, or changes. We want to ensure you are as happy to work with us as we are with you!

Dain | Real Estate Media Company | Ammo Camera Shots

Hi there! I'm Dain, the owner of Ammo Camera Shots. I have been into photography since I can remember. I got my first taste of success when my high school nominated my photo for 1st place in our photography competition. Since then, I have taken college courses in photography and the arts as well as online videography courses. I went to school for Business Finance and have a passion for people. Prior to this business, I was a Hospitality Manager at a Topgolf! I always strive to provide the highest level of customer service and genuinely love meeting new people. We built a team suitable to handle quick turnaround and superior quality. I'm a perfectionist at heart and will provide quick and professional service. I want your house to sell! With our killer prices and artistic professionalism, you will not be disappointed. I can also help with other photography services such as weddings, engagement photos, professional headshots, and more!

Thank you for choosing Ammo Camera Shots!

Referral Bonus!!

For each referral to any new customer, you will receive 25$ off your next photoshoot! Just be sure to have them mention your name in their first booking. Thank you for choosing Ammo Camera Shots!

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